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NCHRP 350 Meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 test requirements as a longitudinal redirecting barrier. Testing was done while the system was unanchored.
The Vulcan Barrier is a portable steel longitudinal barrier that uses a vertical steel pivot pin to interlink each module allowing the system to follow curves of up to six degrees per four meter segment.

The Vulcan Barrier is designed to be used with a variety of end terminal options, such as the Triton CET System or QuadGuardŽ CZ System.

Optional casters can be installed to simplify deployment and movement. The system can be deployed anchored or unanchored.

The lightweight and stackable design allows up to 160 meters to be transported on one truck, offering a huge transport savings when compared to to traditional concrete barriers

Find out more about the new Vulcan Mover on the Energy Absorption Systems website, or request more information directly.